Our technical Office performs consulting services on contract submitted, such as to allow a substantial reduction of time of execution ensuring the increase of efficiency in the planning and completion of works.

Our organization is able to meet projects concerning the general building, also abroad, thanks to collaboration with important technical studios operating in the international arena.
This allows us to ensure maximum efficiency and precision for each type of intervention in specific sectors, reaching for more ambitious goals in project processes.


Project Financing
Over the years we have acquired a know-how that allows us to Construct and deliver a full range of projects related to the building network, favoring particularly the project financing scheme as an operational tool that supports the needs of our customers.
Exploiting the opportunity offered by the project financing, private
operators and public administrations can overcome all the constraints which often limit the possibilities of investment infrastructure projects, including those of great relief, recurring to private capital.

The profitability of the service will ensure the return of the investment, relieving the costumer from the construction work cost. We believe in this innovative strategy that allows us to provide maximum support in the ideation and realization of essential infrastructure easing the tasks of public administrations.
Politically similar, we have recently undertaken foreign business development with particular reference to North African and Middle East.